Welcome to Stockholm!
We are thrilled to host an in-person congress held at Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

International congress October 4-6th, 2023

Host organisations

Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm, Sweden

We are offering!

A diverse and inspiring program that features five domains designed to enchance health professions education. From early to advanced career including educators, leaders and researchers.

Who should attend?

Leaders who want to advance health professions education from all over the world, from any health profession, and at any stage of career, across the continuum. No formal leadership position is needed. If you want to influence HPE, you are welcome!


Health professions education (HPE) is a critical societal enterprise that prepares health care providers to serve every country’s population. Despite incredible progress in the development of HPE around the world, there are a number of lingering challenges and sticking points that prevent HPE from advancing further in compassionate, effective, evidence-informed and context-adapted professional education. This new and exciting conference aims to gather HPE “influencers”–those seeking to impact HPE in a positive way–to debate contemporary controversies and promising new ideas.

This meeting will be unlike other HPE conferences. Attendance is limited to 300 people only. The aim is to have voices and perspectives from multiple health professions and from every continent. Sessions will be dynamic, interactive, filled with debates, skill-building, consensus-forming, and diverse. All participants will be invited to submit an abstract on high-impact research or an emerging idea.

  • Global                                          
  • Cutting Edge                               
  • Emerging Ideas     
  • Debates                 
  • Consensus Statements
  • High-Impact
  • Outstanding speakers
  • Edge Groups
  • Co-production
  • Community of practice
  • Young leaders
  • Established influencers
  • Art-inspired thinking


  • Does Health Professions Education Make a Difference to the Health of the Public?
  • Can We Ever Achieve Equity in Health Professions Education?
  • Has Assessment Ever Worked?
  • Competence, Incompetence and Continuing Professional Development
  • What is HPE Research For?

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Med Ed on the Edge

Future Trends and Current Controversies in Health Professions Education